Marketing to Manufacturing: The Eco-Technology Park

Sometimes it seems as if it’s almost impossible to take a complicated idea and break it down into an understandable idea for an audience unfamiliar with the subject. IdeaEngineUSA found itself in that predicament last year when they were hired by the Bridgeport Regional Business Council to put together a comprehensive, yet easily understandable presentation on the new Eco-Technology Park.

The BRBC had scheduled a full day of tours and presentations with all the relevant U.S. and Connecticut state regulatory agencies to show the concept of the Park. The overall description, plan and breakdown of the companies involved at the Park was ours to convey.

Eco-Technology Park

Over the course of a few weeks, we got a crash course in eco-technology and the manufacturing process of multiple eco-sciences. We learned everything we could and started mapping out a plan. Working with Jeff Leichtman of the BRBC, we decided we would introduce the piece by creating a short video of the history of Bridgeport manufacturing up until now. We covered more than two centuries of Bridgeport history in just over two minutes of video!

We then created a PowerPoint presentation that described the overall plan, the suggested location for each business and showed some of the eco-science processes. At each stage of the presentation the speaker could hyperlink to an individual company to demonstrate how that company fit into the plan. We also highlighted the major regulatory issues that would need to be addressed by the agencies in order to make the Park a model for future parks in the state and across the country.

This year eco-technology manufacturers continue to move into the park, the planned thermal loop that will heat and cool the downtown public buildings has begun to be built and problematic regulations are being actively reviewed by the agencies. Little by little, the next generation of manufacturing continues to come to Bridgeport and thrive.