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To our friends in manufacturing,

Many of you have heard that we (Frank and Dan) have recently joined forces to create a marketing and communication company to serve the needs of the manufacturing community.

We are both are passionate about investing in the future of manufacturing in the United States and here locally in the Greater Bridgeport and New Haven area.

We believe that manufacturing is the future for many in the middle class and that good manufacturing jobs are a great base to build families, communities, cities and regions.

We also realize that the business of manufacturing can bring unique issues into your marketing efforts and both horizontal and vertical communications.

With over 50 years combined in the marketing, communication and television production business, we believe we are uniquely positioned to analyze your needs and better serve you.

In our own way, much like the LEAN process (which Dan learned at GE,) we work closely with you from the very beginning in order to reduce cost, production time and get you the tools that will not only have the most impact, but have the longest and most visible effect on your marketing and communication efforts.

Last year we joined the NHMA marketing committee and we both served on committees connected to the newly formed American Manufacturing Hall of Fame, which provides scholarships to manufacturing students and funding to the Housatonic Community College Advanced Manufacturing Program. Dan is also a member of the Southwest Connecticut Manufacturing Consortium.

For the first induction of the Hall, Dan wrote and Frank produced and edited the videos for each inductee. Dan also served as the executive producer of the event.

So you can see, we are passionate about the future of manufacturing. And to further demonstrate this, we are planning a bi-weekly local manufacturing social media “mixer.” Every other week we will have snackable content each day of the week aimed at our local market. The planned schedule is:

Monday: Manufacturing quote or photo of the day (Hey, it’s Monday, let’s not do a ton of heavy lifting!)

Tuesday: A blog that we will write where we will take recent national manufacturing news and analyze it in local terms. (We’ll be asking many of you to contribute quotes.)

Wednesday: A spotlight on one of our local companies (we’ll need your help with suggestions and answering a few questions.)

Thursday: A link to a video on manufacturing that either we produced or that we find and think

you will enjoy.

Friday: Brief historical abstract or photo on local manufacturing history.

We hope you enjoy this “social media mixer” and take the opportunity to post comments, share with others interested in manufacturing and hopefully begin new dialogs on the issues facing us today.

In the meantime, please explore our website. If you are in need of marketing or communications advice or consulting, please contact us and we will arrange a meeting.

Thank you. We look forward to this new journey.

Frank Borres and Dan Wisneski