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What starts as an idea sometimes becomes a product; an opportunity for commerce, economy, jobs and prosperity. That production line is lubricated by hard work, quality control and customer service. Today, to ensure legacy and growth the manufacturer must utilize the same communications tools as the retailer, service industry and corporate entities.
For the astute manufacturer a well conceptualized strategic communications and marketing plan using current on-line and digital technologies is a staple, not a luxury. Ideaengineusa provides its clients that strategic approach and marketing and communications executions.

About Us

American Manufacturers are innovators, creators and great managers      logo_icon

IdeaEngineUSA is their marketing and communications partner.


The mission of IdeaEngineUSA is to assist in the growth of American manufacturers and the rebirth of the US manufacturing sector using marketing and communications ingenuity.


We believe the future of our great country and the families who depend on opportunity are dependant on the growth of American manufacturing. It is our conviction that growth in manufacturing will bring prosperity to America and job opportunities for its citizens.

Unique Selling Proposition

Utilizing current digital technologies for comprehensive communication strategies and services manufacturers need to grow.


Manufacturers by nature are often innovators, creators, great managers; a resilient bunch. Work as they might to create and produce, however, sometimes what they need is a comprehensive communications strategy; a guide to getting the word out about their products, capabilities, and capacity. When a progressive manufacturer employs a marketing or sales manager internally those executives benefit from support from IdeaEngineUSA which provides objective comprehensive company analysis and marketing execution.

The lament of the manufacturer…

  • Why don’t more people know about our company?
  • Why don’t more people know about our product line?
  • How do I get the word out about our new initiative?
  • Why don’t our departments know more about each other’s activities?
  • How can I get media attention?
  • How do I deal with the media when they call?
  • Who can handle our communications and marketing needs?

No longer can these questions go unanswered. Today more than ever the manufacturer must have a holistic communications plan which includes traditional approaches and on-line social media strategies.


IdeaEngineUSA offers an intelligent approach which starts with honest analysis. Only with analysis should a strategic communications plan be created for both internal and external purposes.


In terms of typical communication and marketing solutions we offer a wide variety, including the following:

  • Deep-dive analysis on your current communications plan, and the creation of a new one to match your needs
  • When necessary the re-creation of your Brand including brand placement
  • Assistance on tactical branding and advertising; your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Internal communications direction and policies
  • Web presence and integration, especially in the new world of social media
  • Content and Inbound Marketing to provide potential customers with useful industry information
  • Professional video services
  • Press conferences and releases
  • E-Communications, including newsletters and “E-blasts”
  • Print graphics
  • Encoding and web streaming services
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